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Combined solution for flexible and clean working

"We are the experts in sheet metal processing” - according to this motto, the company Friedrich Blechbearbeitung from Walldürn has been designing, producing and supplying shaped sheet metal parts for all industries for almost 45 years. "The market is booming. There is a great demand from customers," says Thomas Friedrich, member of the management board, who runs the family business together with his father Michael Friedrich. When it came to planning the welding and grinding stations in a new production hall, the company relied on proven TEKA technology for the extraction and opted for a flexible combined solution in which grinding dusts and welding fumes are collected and filtered together.

Well prepared for autumn and winter 2021

Based on the initial lockdown experience, the company Hupfer had already worked out a solution last autumn by investing in TEKA air purifiers, which will also ensure a reduction of the Covid19 virus load in the indoor air during the upcoming winter season.

Optimistic for year-end spurt

"Thanks to our trade structures, grown over the long term, we can look back on a stable turnover level and are even pleased about significant growth in some target markets," Simon Telöken, TEKA Managing Director, is satisfied.

Explosion protection with a system

In the metal processing industry, the requirements are increasing immensely. Especially when handling potentially explosive media, the safety and health protection of employees is a top priority for companies in this industry. With the EXCube series, TEKA is currently closing a gap in the product range.

Das Lager weiß, wo Platz ist

Wie viel Platz haben wir noch im Lager? Wo findet was statt? In welchen Mengen? Auf diese und weitere Fragen zum Lagermanagment geht Lea Heermann, bei TEKA zuständig für das Projektmanagement Betriebsorganisation, im neuen Beitrag von Metal Works TV ein.

Trainees take on advisory role

What apprenticeships are there at TEKA? How does training work at your company? What does your company produce? Linus and the other trainees at the TEKA stand at the BIT 2 career information day were bombarded with lots of questions.
TEKA steuert Filteranlage für Komplettpaket bei

Zum 30-jährigen Bestehen schnürt MicroStep Europa ein Komplettpaket, das Anwendern die Möglichkeiten modernster Plasmatechnologie ins Unternehmen bringt – gepaart mit digital-optimierten Komponenten. Ab sofort gibt es das einzigartige Jubiläums-Bundle zum Sonderpreis. Darin enthalten: eine Plasmaschneidanlage der Baureihe PL Compact, Software, eine Kjellberg-Plasmastromquelle, eine Teka-Filteranlage sowie alle Dienstleistungen für einen gelungenen Produktionsstart.

Air purifiers make the air in play school cleaner

"There was a lot of attention when the air purifiers moved into the nursery, but in the meantime our staff and the children have long since got used to them," says nursery head Anke Gerdemann, looking at the small grey box standing in the corner of the "bears" group room. The three TEKA air purifiers in the groups of the DRK day-care centre "Kleine Bunte Welt" in Coesfeld (Germany) have long been part of the inventory and hardly stand out among the craft tables, lamps and toys.
What can smart filter technology do for digital and networked manufacturing in companies? Representatives of the Industry Business Network 4.0 (IBN) now explored this question at a meeting at the headquarters of TEKA Absaug- und Entsorgungstechnologie GmbH in Coesfeld.
After only two years of training at TEKA, Simon Wenzlawski can be pleased about his successfully completed training as an industrial clerk and a new employment contract for employment in the work preparation department at the same time.
Concentrated, Marlon sits at his desk, bending over his 3D drawing exercise. The 18-year-old from Vreden is one of four trainees who took their first steps into the professional world at TEKA this week.
In dem neuen Filmbeitrag bei Metal Works TV erläutert Vertriebsleiter Uwe Heinz vor der Kamera, wie die Chancen der Digitalisierung in der internen Entwicklung an verschiedenen Schnittstellen genutzt werden. „Viele reden von Digitalisierung – wir setzen Sie um!“ – nach diesem Entrée zeigt der Kurzfilm von Metal Works TV an der Absaugung der Brennschneidmaschine die erste digitale Schnittstelle: Alle Daten der Brennschneidmaschine werden aufgezeichnet und werden in Echtzeit am Dashboard abgebildet, so z.B. der Verschmutzungsgrad der Filter oder der Stromverbrauch. Was auf den ersten Blick Transparenz bringt wird von TEKA ebenso als Datenmaterial für die Weiterentwicklung der Anlagen genutzt.
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