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Making the workplace the cleanest place in the world - TEKA presents its versatile extraction solutions at Schweißen & Schneiden

The trade fair highlight of the year is coming up: Schweißen & Schneiden will take place from 11 to 15 September in Essen and TEKA will be there too.

Alles aus einer Hand - Firma Sedlbauer setzt bei sauberer Luft auf TEKA

Für saubere Luft gibt es immer eine Lösung - das konnte auch die Firma Sedlbauer aus Grafenau feststellen, der für die verschiedenen Arbeitsbereiche in seiner Produktion nach individuellen Absauglösungen gesucht hat.

Part of "die Luftreiniger" through and through - 10 years of Johann Weinbender

For 10 years, Johann Weinbender has been a permanent fixture in our export department.

TIG, MAG, MIG - Why an extraction system is always important

Three welding processes, many different applications and therefore many different hazards.

Clean air in tank construction - not always easy, but not impossible

Cuando no hay una salida de aire natural disponible, los humos de soldadura hacen que te quedes literalmente sin aire. 

Combined system concept for improved health protection

Where large components made of structural steel and stainless steel are welded and ground by hand, the new TEKA layer ventilation supports the spot extraction at Binder.

Willingness to invest is still there

EuroBlech in Hanover is one of the fixed dates in TEKA's trade fair calendar. It is not only regarded as the leading technology trade fair for sheet metal processing, but also as an industry barometer for the mood in this important branch of industry. 

Mechanical engineering is her passion

Katharina Brockhaus is studying mechanical engineering and mechatronics - and very successfully at that. Only recently, with TEKA's support, she completed a project with very good results.

Werba Plast relies on the TEKA-FilterCube in a trio

Excellent extraction performance and very long filter service lives - these were the targets set by Werba Plast when modernising the extraction and filter system. TEKA met them.

Always close at hand - today Maria Wenker

France, Italy, Croatia and Greece - the countries where other people go on holiday at most are the workplace of sales manager Maria Wenker.

Finally, pure trade fair feeling again!

EuroBlech in Hanover finally opened its doors again this week.

TEKA as an active partner at the IndustryFusion Foundation stand

At EuroBlech 2022, the IndustryFusion Foundation will be presenting a wide range of Industry 4.0 use cases and business models around the open source solution IndustryFusion for the digital networking of industry.