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FilterCube 4H, 2,2 kW, 31,2m²


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FilterCube 4H, 2,2 kW, 31,2m²

The FilterCube 4H stationary filter unit is an IFA-tested filter system that takes up very little
space and can be used for an extremely wide range of applications, primarily in the metalworking

Filtration performance of over 99 % ensures that fumes and dusts are reliably separated out.
The filter cartridges are cleaned by means of compressed air, meaning that it is not necessary to
replace the filters until the through-flow of air is no longer sufficient.

The dust can be removed from the collecting tray very easily. This reduces downtimes to a
minimum. The clean air can usually be fed back into the workplace, meaning that during periods
in which heating is required, in particular, no new hot air has to be fed into the premises. In this
way, the FilterCube helps reduce energy costs.

Standard equipment

- Four standard filter cartridges, with filter surface area depending on air flow rate
- Display-controlled filter cleaning
- Fan control
- Elbow silencer for upward air outlet

Possible options

- Other grades of filter cartridge, with filter surface area depending on air flow rate
- Soundproof housing for fan (reduces the noise level by approx. 6 dB(A))
- Soundproof housing with rear-mounted casing (reduces the noise level by approx. 8 dB(A))
- Hepa filter extension set as final stage (quality H13 with 99.9 % filtration efficiency)
- Activated carbon filter extension set for filtration of gases and odours
- Safety upgrade (particle sensor, compressed air shut-off valve, maintenance door with
  inspection window for FilterCube 4H/4N with connecting device for CO² fire extinguisher

Possibility of combined use with other TEKA products

- Collecting devices such as suction arms, cranes or suction tables
- Spark separator
- Automatic dosing device for precoating

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Volumetric flow [m³/h]: 3.500
max. pressure [Pa]: 3.000
Operating point: 2.000 m³/h by 2.500 Pa
Engine power (kW): 2,2
Supply voltage (V): 400
Connection frequency [Hz]: 25
Current consumption (A): 5
Current type: 3Ph+N+PE
Automatic cleaning: yes
Filter control: automatic filter cleaning
Engine control: motor protection switch
Cartridges number: 1
Filter surface [m²]: 31,2
Separation efficiency [%]: > 99
Sound level [dB(A)]: < 78
Width [mm]: 800
Depth [mm]: 800
Length [mm]: 2.920
Colour: RAL 7016