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LMD 508 Fumes extractor 1.2 kW, 230 V


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LMD 508 Fumes extractor 1.2 kW, 230 V

EAN: 4251906206720

Mobile suction and filtering device with one way filters.
This unit is most suitable for use at soldering work places or for extraction of laser systems.

A large pre-filter with filtering class F5 separates the rough particles. Subsequently the air is lead through a high efficiency submicron particle air-filter H13 (separating degree of 99,95%) where the last fine particles are separated. This filter unit is equipped with an activated carbon filter-cassette as a final filter to adsorb gases and odors.

The housing is made of a stable steel-casing and is powder coated inside and outside. As standard solution the unit is equipped with a filter sealing device which ensures absolute air-tightness. The suction unit is equipped with a maintenance free, continuous running high pressure turbine.

The integrated control of the unit with info display and a transparency keyboard provides user friendliness. An optical as well as an acoustic signal and the info display message refer to disturbances or maintenance messages.

A SUB-D9 connection on the back of the system brings the opportunity to control the LMD 508 with external devices like for example laser systems. Additional signals like filter alarm or operating control can be provided over the SUB-D9 interface.

For the reduction of the air noise level the unit has a silence box attached on the backside. The cleaned air is steaming out through grills of the silence box.

The unit is delivered ready to plug and play with a 5 m power cable.

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Volumetric flow [m³/h]: 320
Depression [Pa]: 21.000
Engine power (kW): 1,2
Supply voltage (V): 230
Connection frequency [Hz]: 50
Current consumption (A): 6,8
Automatic cleaning: No
Filter control: TouchControl
Pre-filter: Prefilter M5
Hauptfilter: Main filter H13
Filterendstufe: Activated carbon filter
Separation efficiency [%]: > 99
Ansaugstutzen: 2 x DN 250
Sound level [dB(A)]: 65
Weight [kg]: 45
Width [mm]: 365
Depth [mm]: 501
Length [mm]: 740
Type of fan: Continuous running turbine