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CartMaster IFA


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CartMaster IFA

EAN: 4251906207116

The specially developed dedusting system guarantees optimal separation efficiency during the
whole operation. The advantage of the Power-Spray- System is not only its low maintenance
construction without abrasion susceptible rotating jets but also the low dedusting pressure
respectively low consumption of compressed air. The dedusted particles are collected in the
dust collecting drawer and can be disposed afterwards.
The control contains a subsequent cleaning if the fan stands still.
A stable steel plate construction with continuous powder coating guarantees a low
maintenance operation even under rough conditions.
A baffle plate serves as pre-separator for gross particles. The filter cartridge of the filter
category BGIA M separates the remaining fumes and dusts (separation efficiency = 99 %). The
cartridge is coated ex works with a special filter medium. Thus, the lifetime increases
considerably compared to that of standard filter cartridges.
The unit is fitted with a high-capacity fan with high negative pressure that guarantees a high
volumetric flow even under rough conditions.
The enormous advantage of this unit is its user-friendly construction with maintenance doors
for all control areas and very low consequential costs because the cartridge is dedustable.

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Volumetric flow [m³/h]: 1.860
max. pressure [Pa]: 2.900
Operating point: 1.210 m³/h bei 1.900 Pa
Engine power (kW): 1,1
Supply voltage (V): 400
Connection frequency [Hz]: 25
Automatic cleaning: yes
Separation efficiency [%]: > 99
Sound level [dB(A)]: 70
Weight [kg]: 160
Width [mm]: 665
Depth [mm]: 981
Length [mm]: 1360
Colour: RAL 7016