OpenDay 2022 at the new Technology Centre of MicroStep Europe

TEKA sets new standards in digitalisation and sustainability in extraction and filter technology with AirCube
The new Competence Center North of MicroStep Europa was now the focus of public attention. The company with its headquarters in Bad Wörishofen, Bavaria, had expanded its site in Dorsten in north-western Germany last year. Plasma, laser, oxyfuel and waterjet cutting systems can now be experienced live in the new 1300 m² training and demonstration centre.

During the machine shows, partner companies also had their say. TEKA, as a long-standing MicroStep partner in the field of air pollution control, presented the newly developed AirCube in front of more than 300 guests from politics, business and trade. "With the AirCube, we are more efficient, more sustainable and above all smarter than all filter system manufacturers before us," TEKA Managing Director Simon Telöken proudly stated. Smart Filtering is the mission that aims to make digitalisation and sustainability in extraction and filter technology accessible to small and medium-sized companies.

"With the AirCube, we offer a system at the highest level that can be used in many ways and meets the highest customer demands for sustainability. It represents our most digitised system and meets the Ready-To-Go standards of IBN 4.0. It reduces downtimes, can independently decide whether exhaust or recirculated air is needed, for example, in smart factory use, saves air and energy, reduces energy costs and CO2 emissions and can be automatically controlled depending on the process. At the same time, it significantly improves the air quality in the working environment," said field representative Thorsten Fischedick, describing the main advantages. The AirCube can be used anywhere in the world where metals are processed thermally or mechanically and fumes and dusts are generated during the machining process.

"We congratulate MicroStep Europe for the forward-looking investment in the new technology centre and are pleased that we were able to be present on this special day," Simon Telöken concluded by thanking the company.

BU: TEKA managing directors Erwin (3rd from right) and Simon Telöken (4th from right) with their team represented at the open day.
BU: TEKA sales representative Thorsten Fischedick during his presentation.