Mechanical engineering is her passion

Technology supports students in research work 
Mechanical engineering is her passion: Katharina Brockhaus is in her 7th semester at Aachen University of Applied Sciences studying mechanical engineering and mechatronics - and very successfully at that. Only recently, with TEKA's support, she completed a project with very good results. Everyone involved is very proud of this. 

Remained loyal to training company despite studies 
The 27-year-old student has never lost her connection to practice. Back in 2016, she completed her training as a technical product designer at the air cleaners and continued to work there. Even during her studies, she remained loyal to the air purifiers and still works regularly as a student trainee at the family-owned company in Münsterland. 

So it made sense for her to knock on the door of her former colleagues in technology for a six-month study project. Together with three fellow students, she then worked on a special module for extraction technology that records emissions during grinding more effectively and energy-efficiently. "It was important to us that we work on a project on a concrete problem, from which conclusions can then be drawn again for practice," says Katharina Brockhaus. For this purpose, she and her fellow students built a model, carried out measurements, made evaluations and repeatedly consulted with the experts at TEKA. The extraction system manufacturer also provided the necessary equipment. 

"We were very well prepared. The supervising professor rated the report and the presentation very highly. And we had great fun with the practical excursion." And who knows? Maybe Katharina Brockhaus has already found the topic of her Bachelor's thesis with this project...