PR: FILTERCASE is worth its weight in gold

Master goldsmith relies on TEKA extraction for two years now 
Jochen Zimmer slowly runs the burner over the gold nugget until it is completely liquid. Then the master goldsmith pours the mass into a melting pot. He will need many more hours of work until the old gold is transformed into a new, individually crafted piece of jewellery. Mister Zimmer from Haßfurt, who has been creating unique pieces from high-quality materials for his jewellery studio for 20 years with his two employees, spends this time in his workshop. He does not have to worry about the harmful vapours, fumes and dusts that are released, for example, when melting, soldering, grinding or polishing gold and other precious metals - at least not since he started using the Filtercase SL by TEKA. 

Mini unit fits in any workshop 
The pollutants produced are removed via an extraction arm made of aluminium pipes. Jochen Zimmer can comfortably move this into any desired position via three joints and bring the pipe nozzle - as recommended by the trade association - close to the exit point. The Filtercase SL, which collects and filters the polluted air, is hardly noticeable in the small workshop. It fits on a workshop cupboard due to its small size (280 w x 330 d x 440 h mm) and low weight (15 kg). Another one can be found under a worktable. 

The Filtercase SL is equipped with a multi-stage filter system. A pre-filter mat separates the coarse particles. Afterwards the air is led through a fine dust filter where even the last fine smokes and dusts are separated. The activated carbon filter mat absorbs gases and unpleasant odours. The filter unit is equipped with a powerful high-pressure turbine that can be steplessly adjusted. After filtration, the purified air is fed back into the workshop via a rear exhaust air grille. An automatic filter monitoring shows the user when a replacement of the filter is necessary. The change is carried out in a maintenance-friendly manner via the cover of the unit, secured with tension locks. The unit is ready for use immediately. Jochen Zimmer is satisfied with the equipment: "I use it for about three hours a day. They work perfectly, are very space-saving and the volume is also okay." 

BU: The Filtercase SL is extremely space-saving and finds a place in every workshop. 
BU: Master goldsmith Jochen Zimmer at work. The pipe nozzle of the extraction unit can be adjusted in any desired direction and can be placed close to the extraction point.