Always close at hand - today Daniel Söbbe

The 30-year-old native of Münsterland with a master's degree in plumbing and heating in his pocket has been listening to TEKA customers and their concerns in NRW and Hesse for four years.

 • What do you like about your region? The local people?  
The people are top-notch in their ways and there are many beautiful corners away from the motorway.  

• What do you like about your work?  
What's great is the variety of people. You experience something new every day and have a lot of variety.  

• Where do you like to take a break on the road?   
:D :D, I don't take breaks, I always try to bring all my appointments forward.  

• What is your favourite song to listen to while driving at the moment?  
I don't listen to the radio in the car, more like audio books or podcasts to get me down.  

• What do you need for a perfect start to the working day? 
Summer, sun and a pot of coffee...