Always close at hand - "No two applications are the same".

They are our face to the outside world and always close to the customer - our field staff. Today we introduce you to Frank Engbers (44). He has been on the road for TEKA in Austria for about ten years, with almost 20 years of experience in the air filter industry under his belt. His credo: "No two cases are the same."

• What do you like about your region? The local people?
"The people are different in the various regions of Austria, but very pleasant in their business dealings. In most cases, the "handshake mentality" still counts.
• Where do you prefer to take a break on the road?
"Since you travel a lot by car, the breaks are often limited to places along the motorway. But there are sometimes rest stops there with a great view, especially when you're travelling along the Tauern motorway." 
• Which song is currently your favourite while driving?
"Since I listen to the Austrian stations when I'm on the road, the percentage of Austrian artists is naturally higher. Partly it's not so easy with the penetrating accent, but after about 17 years of distribution in Austria I already understand a lot. A feel-good song is undoubtedly "Cordula Grün" by Josh, a musician from Vienna."
• What do you need for a perfect start to the working day?
"Coffee and a good breakfast."
• What do you like about your work?
"The multi-layered applications that involve dust and smoke. That requires a precise assessment and conception for each customer. Virtually no application, no situation on site is identical. It's very varied and fun.