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TIG, MAG, MIG - Why an extraction system is always important

Three welding processes, many different applications and therefore many different hazards.

Clean air in tank construction - not always easy, but not impossible

Cuando no hay una salida de aire natural disponible, los humos de soldadura hacen que te quedes literalmente sin aire. 

Large-scale production - ultra-modern, clean and safe

Specialist relies on TEKA extraction and filter technology for robot welding Quietly but swiftly, the new OTC robot moves back and forth on its axis, which shows it the way to two work areas. Here, machine components with very complex welded constructions

Efficiency and occupational safety in harmony

TEKA implements individual extraction and filter concept for new welding shop of machine manufacturer Kreyenborg "The quality of the indoor air has improved significantly. Even on very warm days, the hall is not heated up, but has a very pleasant indoor c