"First aid in record time"

TEKA delivers new filter system within a few days  
Quick help from TEKA was now available for OBO Bettermann after a fire at the company's main site in Menden. What had happened? In the metal competence centre of the manufacturer of installation systems for the electrotechnical infrastructure of buildings and plants, there had been a fire at a laser pipe welding system for steel conduits (electrical installation pipes). Sparks from the laser smoke had reached the filter system of another manufacturer and set it on fire. Fortunately, no people were injured. But the plant burnt out completely. Rapid support was needed. Otherwise, a longer production stop would have been imminent: "It was the only laser tube welding system that could be used, which must not be operated without extraction. We therefore needed a replacement quickly," explained Christoph Gogolok, Production Manager, Profile and Punching Technology at OBO.  

No sooner said than done: just a few days after the fire, the air cleaners delivered a new extraction and filter system and work could continue. The engineering firm fintec - saugsysteme was responsible for project management and installation. The system solution provider in the field of extraction technology was already on site at OBO Bettermann the day after the fire. Christoph Gogolok was impressed by the rapid delivery of the extraction system manufacturer TEKA: "That really was first aid in record time."  

Not just fast, but safe  
But the support was not only fast, it also offers more safety than the old system. Whereas with the previous solution the particles and possibly sparks hit the filters directly, the TEKA system of the FilterCube type has a spark pre-separator upstream. A pipe takes in the air containing particles directly at the laser tube welding system. The mixture is first led to the spark pre-separator. Inside the housing, the air flow is deflected by 180 degrees. The sparks fall by their own weight into the water bath of the spark pre-separator and extinguish. What remains is an air stream that can usually be safely led to the filter section of the downstream extraction system, where over 99.9% of the smoke particles are filtered out. To prevent the cartridges from sticking, the system has a permanent precoating. Afterwards, the treated air can be fed back into the hall. "The system is simple, but extremely efficient, and particularly customer-friendly, as the system is easy and quick to maintain," emphasises TEKA managing director Simon Telöken.  

Picture line: The new filter system with spark pre-separator ensures even more safety at OBO Bettermann.