Simon Wenzlawski - employment after successfully completing his apprenticeship

After only two years of training at TEKA, Simon Wenzlawski can be pleased about his successfully completed training as an industrial clerk and a new employment contract for employment in the work preparation department at the same time. "We are very satisfied with the result," says HR Manager Björn Wendland, "and at the same time we are pleased to be able to continue to employ him here at TEKA." Thus, Simon Wenzlawski has found a permanent place in the TEKA employee team after his training ends on 1 July 2021.

The young man started at TEKA three years ago in the warehouse. During his training, he was able to gain insights into many departments, such as purchasing, shipping, domestic and export sales and work preparation, and develop his commercial potential. What interests him most about the job of an industrial clerk is the extensive range of tasks with its flexible deployment options. As a training company, TEKA actively supported him, e.g. with specialist reading or time off to study. In addition, he received help and tips from former trainees and had the opportunity to compensate for the missing lessons during the corona period in learning groups with other trainees during working hours.

He particularly enjoyed production planning and the associated communication with colleagues, so he is very happy to now be permanently involved in work preparation at TEKA. "The flat hierarchy, the very good working atmosphere, the fair pay, but also the close cohesion, helpfulness and motivation in the team are good reasons for me to stay," says Simon Wenzlawski happily. And the learning at TEKA continues: "I would like to continue my education internally in order to take on more activities and more responsibility. In addition, in August I will start my further training to become a state business economist (Bachelor Professionals), because it is my goal at TEKA to become a department manager one day. But until then I still have a lot to learn," says Wenzlawski.