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Viroline Tower is an indoor-air suction and filtration unit which cleans the air of germs, bacteria and viruses. Viroline Tower is suitable for  halls and large rooms of up to 500 m³. It is used in airports, railway  stations, production halls, municipal halls as well as in sports and leisure halls.  At a height of over three metres, the contaminated air is sucked in from a radius of up to 30 metres and is guided through a UV-C irradiation section.

Surviving germs that have not been directly killed by the UV-C- light are caught by the H14 filter and are then eliminated by continuous exposure to the UV-C irradiation.

The clean air is fed back into the room via the floor-level air outlets. Viroline Tower can be easily positioned in the room by means of crane lugs and lift truck-compatible skids. It is manufactured from powder-coated sheet steel. The H14 filter cassette and the UV-C lamp can be conveniently removed via the maintenance hatches.

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Caudal [m³/h]: 1.860
Potencia del motor (kW): 2,2
Tensión de conexión (V): 400
Frecuencia de la conexión [Hz]: 50
Limpieza automática: a mano
Pre-filtro de partículas: placa deflectora
Hauptfilter: cartucho de filtro
Nivel de ruido [dB(A)]: < 78
Peso [kg]: 165
Ancho [mm]: 580
Fondo [mm]: 800
Longitud [mm]: 1.365
Color: RAL 7035 (gris claro)