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LMD 504

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LMD 504

EAN: 4251906206713

The mobile LMD 504 filter unit model has been designed to extract and filter fumes and fine
dust particles. The system can be used to extract soldering fumes in electronics plants, to
remove dust in laboratories or during the laser marking process of a range of materials.

The contaminated air passes through a three-stage filter package which cleans it at a
filtration efficiency of more than 99.95 %. The third filter stage consists of an activated
carbon granulate with a very large filter surface that is able to eliminate gases and odours,
meaning that the purified air can usually be returned to the working area.

The system can be operated via the touch display or the Sub-D9 interface as required. The
extraction performance of the maintenance-free turbine can be adjusted to meet

Standard equipment

- Three-stage filter package (M5 prefilter, H13 main filter, activated carbon filter)
- Sub-D9 interface for external control

Possible options

- Exhaust air spigot

Possibility of combined use with other TEKA products

- Collecting devices such as Optiflex suction arms, Alsident suction arms,
  extraction cabinets
- Particle pre-separator

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Caudal [m³/h]: 1.860
presión inferior [Pa]: 3.000
Potencia del motor (kW): 2,2
Tensión de conexión (V): 400
Frecuencia de la conexión [Hz]: 50
Amperaje (A): 2,42
Mando del filtro: limpieza automática del filtro
Pre-filtro de partículas: placa deflectora
Hauptfilter: cartucho de filtro
Filterendstufe: Cartucho de carbón activo (relleno 7 kg)
Grado de separación [%]: > 99
Ansaugstutzen: 2 x NW 50, hinten
Nivel de ruido [dB(A)]: < 78
Peso [kg]: 165
Ancho [mm]: 580
Fondo [mm]: 800
Longitud [mm]: 1.365
Tipo de aspirador: Turbina de rotación continua
Interfaz del mando: SUB-D9