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Ein rundum sicheres Gefühl in der Pandemie

Hupfer in Coesfeld ist ein Erfolgsunternehmen, das sich vom Hersteller für Drahtgewebe zum Spezialisten für Küchen- und Sterilgutlogistik entwickelt hat - mit Verkaufsbüros in 11 Ländern und internationalen Vertragspartnern. So ist das metallverarbeitende Unternehmen Hupfer heute Marktführer für Großküchen-, Medizin- und Individualtechnik.

Service digital - „Wir sind da in Krisenzeiten!“

Seit Beginn der Corona-Pandemie ist TEKA dank ungebrochener Lieferketten und erhöhter Lagerkapazitäten voll produktions- und lieferfähig. Unverzichtbare Schnittstelle bei der Installation von Neuanlangen und Wartung bestehender Anlagen ist der TEKA-Service. Die Service-MitarbeiterInnen betreuen die Kunden des internationalen Herstellers von Filter- und Absauganlagen seit über einem Jahr vor allem digital.

Unit of the month: Our top seller filtoo

Are you looking for the perfect helper for polluted air? Our product of the month, the versatile topseller filtoo, is currently still in stock in limited quantities. The easiest way is via our new, convenient webshop.
Auch nach der Covid-Pandemie sollen die Luftreiniger von TEKA fester Bestandteil des Gesundheitsschutzkonzeptes bei Saueressig bleiben.

Gelungene Kombilösung bei Zahnen

In der neuen Schweißerei übernimmt die Filtercube die punktuelle Absaugung und im Push-Pull-System die Raumluftreinigung

Zahnen Technik in Arzfeld kümmert sich um eine der wichtigsten Ressourcen der Menschheit: Wasser. Das Unternehmen aus der Eifel ist weltweit als Spezialist für „Water Engineering Performance“ etabliert. International werden Kunden ganzheitlich bei der Optimierung, Modernisierung und dem Neubau ihrer Wasser- und Abwasseranlagen begleitet. Durch innovative Ansätze, hohe technologische Kompetenz und einen hoch qualifizierten Mitarbeiterstab befindet sich das Unternehmen mit über 400 Referenzanlagen weltweit auf Wachstumskurs.
The relief was visible in their faces: Frederik, Caterina and Dennis started their apprenticeships as industrial clerks at TEKA in 2019 and have now successfully completed their intermediate exams despite the Corona pandemic.

Viruses do not stop at the salon door

Air purifiers from TEKA protect customers and employees at the hairdressers' launch

The hairdressers had their hands full this morning. For the first time after the corona-related closure in mid-December, they were once again allowed to put their hands and scissors to the now much too long hair of their customers and let them out of the salons with a new hairstyle and a new attitude towards life.

Despite the great rush, everything proceeded in an orderly manner and in strict compliance with the corona-related hygiene regulations. To best protect customers and employees from infection, many hairdressers go one step further and rely on air purifiers from TEKA.
TEKA equips numerous studios / Air purifier suitable for all rooms with services close to the body.

Next Monday, March 1, 2021, hairdressers in the Borken district will finally be allowed to open again. The rush is great due to the long lockdown of recent months. More and more owners of hairdressing salons are therefore currently additionally relying on air purifiers to supplement their existing hygiene protection concepts. Demand from the body-related services sector is also high at TEKA. Last fall, the extraction system manufacturer launched VIROLINE, an air purifier series to support the fight against the Corona pandemic, which offers a wide range of possible applications in trade, service and industry with different model variants.
City of Coesfeld uses TEKA CO2 traffic lights in schools and administration offices

Only a few more days and the first children in NRW will be back at school. The schools in Coesfeld are also preparing for the start on Monday. In order to support the hygiene regulations and to put the ventilation in the classrooms on a secure basis, the city relies on CO2 traffic lights from TEKA in numerous schools.
Over the past 25 years, TEKA has grown with its employees and they with their tasks in the company. Sales Manager Uwe Heinz is a TEKA veteran and has been there almost from the beginning in a wide variety of positions.

As a trained electronics technician, Uwe Heinz (48) brought along basic equipment when he joined TEKA in 1996. Many years in production, assembly and field service in southern Germany made him a TEKA all-rounder with comprehensive technical know-how for all products and processes. Today, as Sales Manager Germany, he uses this for the field staff to develop technical solutions that simply always work.
When it comes to modern complete solutions for heat, air conditioning and water, the Zilisch company from Ahaus is the right partner. With around 150 employees, the family-owned company manages medium and large construction projects as a general contractor for plumbing, heating, cooling and ventilation. For installation, project management and commissioning, the Zilisch specialists are present nationwide with mobile container offices on site at the construction sites.
Marco Wessels joined the young company in 1997 as a technical draughtsman at the age of just 23. "During my apprenticeship, I was still drawing on the board, but then I directly trained myself to be fit to handle the first CAD programmes as well."

"Klaus Gärtner and I drew. If there was something else to do somewhere, we did it." Didn't that bother him as an ambitious young professional? "I thought it was a good thing. It showed: With everyone together, you achieve something. We had many ideas and implemented them. It was a great time," the 46-year-old enthuses.
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