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The Viroline Compac reliably removes fine dust and germs such as bacteria and viruses from the air. The device reduces pathogens in the air in the long term, lowers the risk of infection and promotes the well-being of people in the room.

The mobile room air purifier is the intelligent solution for everyone who is looking for a device that discreetly and reliably emits clean and unpolluted air - and all this at an unbeatable price/performance ratio. It is therefore perfect for use in hotels, restaurants, medical practices, hairdressing salons, nursing homes, schools and daycare centres.

Ambient air is fed into the unit from above, passed through a four-stage filter system and then almost imperceptibly returned into the room from behind. In the process, pollen, spores and fine dust particles suspended in the air are first collected by a coarse and a pre-filter.

Bacteria, viruses and moulds then adhere to the subsequent HEPA filter of class H14 (certified according to DIN EN 1822). These high-performance filters have shown to separate out more than 99.995 percent of all fine suspended particles larger than 0.1 µm and are so effective that they are also used in hospitals and laboratories. The activated carbon filter also absorbs unpleasant odours. At 45 dB(A), the device is virtually inaudible. A further feature is that the unit can be easily moved around in the room thanks to its castors, so that it can always be placed where required.
The Viroline Compac is ready for use directly out of the box.

Simply connect the plug and turn it on at the power button. If necessary, the filters can be easily removed and replaced.

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Caudal [m³/h]: 750
Potencia del motor (kW): 0,55
Tensión de conexión (V): 230
Frecuencia de la conexión [Hz]: 50
Limpieza automática: a mano
Pre-filtro de partículas: placa deflectora
Hauptfilter: cartucho de filtro
Filterendstufe: Esterilla de carbón activo
Nivel de ruido [dB(A)]: 45
Peso [kg]: 90
Ancho [mm]: 580
Fondo [mm]: 580
Longitud [mm]: 1.010
Color: La puerta de mantenimiento en RAL 5003, el resto de equipo en RAL 7035