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  • 2017014020
  • Airtracker Pro Room monitoring system

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    It also offers a UART interface allowing asynchronous data transmission (UART = "Universal... more
    Airtracker Pro

    EAN: 4251906211465

    It also offers a UART interface allowing asynchronous data transmission (UART = "Universal Asynchronous serial Receiver and Transmitter")
    This results in numerous possibilities for the communication and control of various machines, circuits and components.
    The Airtracker Pro can easily be expanded with the sensors Process Control and Fire Detection (see accessories).
    This allows users to use the Airtracker Pro as a quick warning system in the event of threshold overruns or as an automatic control unit for various extraction systems, for example when automatically starting a welding robot or cutting table.
    The advantage: Employees are always protected when necessary, and the extraction system is only used when it is actually needed.
    This measure can significantly reduce energy costs. Digital health care is being optimised.

    Available downloads:
    Width [mm]: 600
    Depth [mm]: 250
    Length [mm]: 220
    Weight [kg]: approx. 12
    Supply voltage (V): 230/110 V/AC
    Sound level [dB(A)]: 40 - 140
    Interface description: WiFi
    Material: Metal housing
    Radio standard: 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15 compliant wireless standard
    Humidity [%]: 10 - 95
    Mini processor: CPU i.MX6 with 2 cores up to 1 GHz frequency
    Security: 128-bit AES Verschlüsselung
    Memory: 4 GB Flash/RAM 1 GB/SD card slot
    Temperature [°C]: - 10 up to + 60
    Polvo fino [mg/m³]: 0 - 30
    Airtracker Pro Room monitoring system
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